Werner 10FT TWIN STEP Fiberglass Ladder T6210

The T6210 Fiberglass 10ft Twin Stepladder offers a high performance dual HolsterTop®with a paint and tool holder for convenience. The internal spreaders are heavy duty and the slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps are all double riveted and knee braced. These twin Stepladders allow 300lb per side making them ideal for one or two person jobs. The EDGE® molded brace and foot pad combination provide bracing strength and increased protection against damage. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.

2121 AED
  • BrandWerner
  • Model NumberT6210
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  • High performance dual HolsterTop® paint and tool holder
  • 4 rivets attach top to each rail
  • Double riveted slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • All steps are knee-braced
  • EDGE® molded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage
  • Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure
  • *Energy Diffusing Geometry
  • Every rivet backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect rails
  • Design for one or two-person jobs
  • Maximum load per side, including person and materials, shall not exceed duty rating of ladder


Werner Benefit High performance dual HolsterTop® paint and tool holder
Unique Features Works Around Electricity
Size 10ft
Load Capacity 300lb
Duty Rating Type IA Duty Rating
Style Twin Step Ladder
Approx. Product Length (in) 120
Approx. Product Height (in) 9
Approx. Product Width (in) 30.36
Approx. Product Depth (in) 7
Approx. Product Weight (lb) 54.5
Max. Standing Height 7ft 8in
Max. Safe Working Height 7ft 8in
Reach Height 14ft
Top Dimension 8.5in x 13in
Approx. Overall Ladder Length (Open) 120in
Approx. Overall Ladder Length (Closed) 10ft
Approx. Closed Length (in) 120
Material Fiberglass
Color of Ladder Rail Orange
Description of Top Features 2 Paint tray slots, 6 tool holes, 2 drill holes, 2 quart paint cans, 2 gallon paint cans, 2 parts trays
Certifications ANSI A14.5 (2007), OSHA
Steps/Rung Dimension 3in
Front Flange Dimension 1.18in
Front Rails Dimension 3.125in
Edge Bracing Yes
Rear Flange Dimension 1.19in
Rear Rails Dimension 3.13in
Spreader Material Steel
Approx. Spread (in) 78.13
Max. Load 300lb
Approx. Shipping Length (in) 120
Approx. Shipping Width (in) 30.5
Approx. Shipping Height (in) 7
Approx. Shipping Weight (lb) 54.5
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit 17.3
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