Metabo W 9-115 Angle Grinder 110V

115 mm // 4 1/2 “
Rated input power:
900 W
No-load speed:
10500 rpm
2.5 Nm / 22 in-lbs
335.00 AED
  • BrandMetabo
  • Model Number600354390
  • DataSheet Download


  • Low fatigue as never before: compact angle grinder with smallest handle circumference in its class for perfect ergonomics
  • Longer service life, more power: the Metabo Marathon-motor with patented dust protection, up to 20% more overload capacity and 50% more torque
  • Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof
  • Metabo S-automatic mechanical safety clutch: minimises kick-back to the lowest level when the disc jams unexpectedly – for maximum user safety and swift progress
  • Restart protection after power interruption
  • Gear housing can be unscrewed, rotated in 90° steps and remounted for left-handed operation or cutting
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor
The machine shown may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration.
Kindly pay attention to delivery scope and product description.
Accessories included only if listed in the delivery scope.

Technical Data

  • Guard
  • Side handle
  • Flat-pin spanners
  • Inner support flange
  • Nut with two holes



Cutting discs
Cutting discs for stainless steel/steel
Flexiarapid Super Inox
Flexiarapid / Flexiamant Inox
Novorapid Inox
Combinator Inox
Cutting discs for steel
Flexiamant super steel
Flexiamant steel
Novoflex/ Novorapid steel
Cutting discs for aluminium
Flexiamant Super aluminium
Flexiarapid aluminium
Cutting discs for stone
Flexiamant super stone
Grinding discs
Grinding discs for stainless steel/steel
Grinding discs for steel
Flexiamant super steel
Flexiamant steel
Novoflex steel
Grinding discs for aluminium
Grinding discs for stone
Grinding discs for pipeline
Diamond cutting discs
For general building materials, segmented
For general building materials, closed edge “Turbo”
For concrete, segmented
For granite, segmented
For tiles; enclosed edge
Flap discs
Flexiamant super
Flexiamant super ceramic
Flexiamant aluminium oxide
Flexiamant zirconia alumina
Fibre sanding discs
Aluminium oxide
Zirconia alumina
Backing pads for fibre sanding discs
Wire brushes
Wire brushes steel
Wire brushes stainless steel
Cup wheels (ceramic)
Cup wheels steel
Cup wheels stone
Accessories for flat-head angle grinders
Wire brushes
Accessories for Inox angle grinders
Diamond drill bits
Diamond cup grinding wheels
Cleaning fleeces
Semi-flexible sanding sheets
Further accessories for angle grinders
Flange nuts
Flat-pin spanners
Inner support flanges
Hand guard


Diamond drill bits for tiles


Cutting discs
Protective goggles


Occupational safety

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